The 10 Largest Flowers You Can Grow

Grow one or more of these and you will have a real show. This selection of flowers with large blooms has been chosen to create a massive impression and something that will make your garden stand out. The plants range from dinner plate dahlias to the double Angel’s Trumpet, not forgetting the huge sunflowers. I came across this list on the Birds and Blooms website.

Bigger is usually better, especially when it comes to blooms. Get your hands on varieties of plants you already know and love with these 10 picks bred to produce massive and prolific flowers. Plus, we?ve included where you can buy every one of these garden giants. Put a few of these giant flowers in the ground and give your neighbors something to talk about.

Thomas Edison dinnerplate dahlia

Longfield Gardens

Dahlia, zones 8 to 11

Make some room at the back of a sunny garden bed for this 3- to 4-foot purple stunner. The Thomas Edison variety was first introduced in 1929 and remains one
of the best purple dahlias on the market. In places where dahlias aren?t hardy, bring the tuberous roots indoors for the winter and replant in spring.

Why we love it: Dahlias are ideal cut flowers. Display the jumbo 8-inch blooms in vases all over your home.

Incrediball hydrangea

Proven Winners

Hydrangea arborescens, Zones 3 to 9

Sturdy stems support massive summer-blooming white flowers. The nearly 12-inch blooms begin green, mature to white and then fade back to green later in the season. To encourage new growth and flowering, prune this shrub in late winter.

Why we love it: Unlike other large hydrangeas, Incrediball won?t flop over, even after a strong rain.

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Feature photo: W. Atlee Burpee Company