How many plants do you need to create a jungle? Well the owner of this apartment has amassed a collection of over five hundred and as you will see from the pictures below her accommodation is now more of a jungle than an apartment in my opinion. The creator of this unusual collection is Summer Rayne Oaks who is a Master Gardener as well possessing several degrees. I have to thank Emma Smizer who is the author of the article describing this remarkable collection which comes from the Shareably website.

If you have ever felt like you might own a few too many plants, prepare to feel guilt-free.

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Summer Rayne Oaks, a local Brooklyn woman, has been making news after having literally transformed her apartment into an ?urban jungle? after amassing over 500+ plants. According to the?biography on her blog,?Oaks decided to create the perfect marriage of modern society and lush nature in her very own home after?reclaiming mine sites, researching sewage sludge, and restoring forestlands!

Summer Rayne Oakes, other than being a master gardener, also graduated with degrees?in Environmental Science and Entomology from Cornell University?cum laude.?And she didn?t just stop there!

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