Tips for Growing Your Most Productive Garden Ever

Have you ever ogled your neighbor’s garden, wishing you could grow plants just as lush and beautiful in your own backyard? While it might seem like some people just have a magical green thumb, the truth is that anyone can grow a super productive garden! All you need is the know-how. Whether this is your first rodeo or you’ve been gardening for years, check out the following tips to take your gardening skills to the next level!

Preparing Your Soil

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in a region with naturally rich soil, you’ll have to make some amendments for optimal plant growth.

Planning Your Garden Layout

Carefully plotting the layout of your garden will ensure you always have vegetables and herbs ready to harvest.

  • Choose a location in your yard that gets at least 6 hours of sun every day.
  • Grow your plants in dedicated beds—either raised or at soil level.
  • Plan for succession planting, harvesting and replanting throughout the growing season.

Combating Pests and Weeds

Pests, weeds, and diseases can cause all kinds of problems in your garden and may even kill your plants!

  • Pull weeds right away and mulch your garden beds to prevent them from growing.
  • Learn how to identify different types of pests so you can deal with them effectively.
  • Keep your garden organic to attract beneficial insects that are natural pest predators.

Efficient Balcony Gardening

If your gardening space is limited to a small apartment balcony or similar space, efficient gardening will maximize your harvest.

While growing a garden doesn’t require a lot of effort, growing a highly productive garden requires attention to detail. Implementing a few key gardening tips and techniques will ensure your plants truly thrive, producing a bountiful harvest of fresh veggies that you can use in your kitchen all year round!

This is a guest post by Carrie Spencer from