Top Tips For An Amazing Container Garden

Growing flowers in planters has become more and more popular in recent years and with good reason. Containers are ideal for people with small gardens or even just a balcony. While plants in a container may need more frequent watering than those grown in open ground there is less maintenance as far as weeding is concerned. These easy tricks for gardening in pots come from an article by Lynne Cherot which I found on her Sensible Gardening website.

Gardening in flower pots, or more recently known as container gardening, has become increasing popular over the last few years. Many people are now living in smaller spaces as in townhouses or on smaller city lots where space is limited. As well, a potted flower garden adds great appeal around a small water structure or a pool area. Front doors, back decks, and bare spots in the garden can all be dressed up using container gardening.
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Choosing a suitable container for your flowers is almost limitless. You can go out to any garden supply store and purchase any size, colour or theme that suits your fancy. Or you can use anything that will hold soil such as an old wheelbarrow, wash basin or bucket, half barrel or wooden box. You are only limited by your own imagination. Some of the more interesting and unique potted flowers are from recycled containers.
Flower pot gardens do require a certain amount of care, watering, fertilizing and trimming are all important to keep them looking their best. However, the chores of digging and weeding are almost eliminated. Keep in mind though that containers filled with soil are very heavy, even the smallest ones can surprise you. For anything larger than hand held sized pots, decide on their location and keep them there. Portable flower pots are great for quick fixes and instant beauty, so if you must move them be sure to use the appropriate tools to do so, save your back.

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