Top 20 Blue Flowers For Planters

If blue is your favorite color then you will want to see this list. With names like Heavenly Blue, Blue Pirouette and Blue Satin you will discover blues in shades that range from a delicate pale color with a touch of white to a strong dark blue that is nearly purple. I came across this list of the best blue flowers to grow in containers on the Balcony Garden Web site.

If you love the color ?BLUE,? learn about the best blue flowers you can grow in containers!

1. Morning Glory??Heavenly Blue?

USDA Zones? 9 ? 11, annual in lower zones
Climate? Morning glory is a frost tender vine that is perennial in warm climates
There are only very few flowers that provide true blue color like the ?Heavenly Blue? Morning Glory. Growing morning glory in containers is absolutely easy in a medium sized pot. Keep the plant in full sun, provide some shade in the afternoon (if the sun?is intense in your area) and it will grow.

2. Hydrangea

USDA Zones? 3 ? 9
Climate?Hydrangeas can be grown in cool temperates and moderately warm climates.
Hydrangeas can change the color of their blooms according to the soil pH. If the soil is acidic, they turn into blue (add soil sulfur to lower the pH). For growing hydrangeas in pots, a large container is required with a diameter of at least 18 inches. Provide morning sun with shade in the afternoon and moist and well-drained soil.?HGTV has an informtive article on Hydrangea varieties.

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