If you have been meaning to create a holiday themed container, but have not quite managed to find the time or inspiration here are twelve great ideas. Maybe you still will be unable to find the time, but at least you can take a look at these designs and enjoy what someone else has created. I came across these twelve festive container ideas on a website called Bless My Weeds.

Create a?classy and elegant container garden this year by making this gorgeous potted piece! Everything from the container to the actual greenery?makes it look incredibly sophisticated. Choose greens like pine needles, and holly that are used to withstanding colder tempertaures.
When you?re talking about gardens in winter, red is one of my favorite colors to use! Go big or go home is what I always say, so make sure you put plenty of red in there.
If you don?t want to make red the dominant color in your containers, then go for a subtler red in your plants (Holly berries are the perfect solution!) You can put the red at the bottom of your container or disperse throughout the bushes for a subtle accent piece.
Ivy is a great plant to use for a festive container garden because it stays green, looks great, and can pull all the other items together. Plus, ivy is to adds a nice accent to any container, really.

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