Luxurious Lilies For Fragrant Exotic Flowers

You might think that such an exotic flower as the lily would be a difficult plant, but in fact it is both hardy and easy to grow. Lilies grow from bulbs which can be planted in spring or fall to bloom in summer. If you choose carefully you can enjoy these fragrant flowers all summer long. Discover the four steps to success with lilies in this article which I found on the Longfield Gardens website.

Lilies are hardy, easy to grow bulbs that steal the show wherever they?re planted. Other perennials just can?t compete with their big blooms, amazing colors and wonderful fragrance. There are several types of lilies and each has its own look and bloom time. By planting an assortment of different lilies, you can enjoy having these beautiful flowers in bloom all summer long.


When you compare two lily bulbs side by side, it?s easy to see a difference in?quality. Lily bulbs are measured in centimeters. A 16/18 cm bulb (shown on the right) will grow into a stronger plant with more flowers than a smaller, 14/16 bulb (on the left). Longfield Gardens supplies large, 16/18 cm lily bulbs so you can enjoy the biggest, brightest blooms.
SHADE AND SUN: Lilies perform best in full sun, though they also grow well in partial shade.
ZONE: Lilies are winter hardy in zones 4-9, and suitable for growing in zones 2-11.
WHEN TO PLANT: Lily bulbs can be planted in fall or spring for summer flowers.
PERENNIAL GARDENS: ?Want to keep your perennial garden looking colorful all summer long? Plant lilies! There are lilies that bloom in early summer, midsummer and late summer. The best lilies for perennial gardens include Asiatics, double Asiatics, LA Hybrids, Trumpets, Orientals and OT Hybrids. Plant Asiatic lilies and the shorter varieties of Oriental lilies toward the front of borders; other types toward the back.

CUTTING GARDENS: ?Lilies are long lasting cut flowers and many of them add fragrance as well as beauty to a bouquet. Planting lily bulbs in a cutting garden ensures you will have plenty of flowers for bouquets without sacrificing the lilies in your flower gardens. The best lilies for cutting gardens are Asiatics, double Asiatics, LA Hybrids, Orientals and OT Hybrids.
CONTAINER GARDENS: ?Asiatic and double Asiatic lilies are ideal for pots and planters. Some of the shorter Oriental lilies, such as ?Stargazer? and ?Tom Pouce? are also well suited to containers. For best results, plant lily bulbs in containers that are at least 10? deep.

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