Top 8 Easy Flowers And Herbs To Grow From Seed

When you want a large number of flowers to fill a border or several containers it can get expensive if you buy individual plants. In this situation one answer is to grow your plants from seed. One packet of seeds will produce all the plants you need for what it would cost to buy a single plant. Of course some flowers and herbs are easier to grow than others so this article by Kim Gamel which I found on the Houzz website describes eight that are foolproof.

I love growing container gardens and keep many of them throughout my landscape. While I love the instant gratification of a 4-inch starter pot, buying dozens of them to fill all those containers gets expensive. One way to combat this is starting a number of easy-to-grow flowers and herbs from seed.
Another good reason to grow container plants from seed? You can get your gardening fix while the garden is just starting to wake up. Most seeds will need to be started indoors prior to the last frost. Be sure to follow planting instructions on the seed packets; they are a wealth of information, including how deep to plant and when to start.
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