You can find driftwood in all sorts of interesting shapes which can be displayed on its own, but add succulents and you can have a plant decoration that will really impress. The trick is to know how you can attach the plants to the wood so that they will live for a long time rather than just being a five minute wonder. I found an article by Nell Foster on her Joy Us Garden website which shows three ways to attach succulents to driftwood and includes a video demonstrating the technique.

Succulents and driftwood are a match made in heaven, just like peanut butter and bananas or brussel sprouts and balsamic vinegar. ?Okay, you may not agree with me at all about the last one but the other 2 are hard to dispute. ?The majority of succulents growing in nature are not found growing on the beach, but for whatever reason, this pairing works really well. ?This video is all about showing you 3 ways, other than planting, to attach succulents to driftwood to actually get them to grow and last for more than just a few weeks.
succulents & driftwood
An assortment of driftwood I recently found on the beaches of Santa Barbara.
Some succulent cuttings are much longer lasting than others but they all need something to root into to keep them looking fresh for the long haul. ?Succulents will hot glue directly onto the driftwood but if you use something coarser to attach to, like moss or sheet coir, they?ll adhere much better and be easier to water.
Watch this & see how I do it:
– See more at: Joy Us Garden


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