Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the garden so wouldn’t it be helpful if there were gadgets to keep tabs on things for you. If you are a traditional gardener you may well think that you can keep doing things in the usual way, but if you have a smartphone why not check out some of these apps just to see what they offer. Sasha Brown from NaturalNews.com has produced this list.

If you?re a gardener, you?re probably regularly looking for more efficient ways to take care of your plants and flowers. Soil, sunlight, water, pests, fertilizer, and other factors all need to be taken into account to keep your garden healthy and abundant. However, many gardeners know that it is easier said than done to keep all of your plants alive and well. At long last, technology has come along to change all of this. Read on to learn about some of the ten coolest gardening gadgets that you?ve probably never heard of, but now won?t be able to live without.

Fertilizer Calculator

Here?s a cheap little app that can make your gardening easier and more productive. This Fertilizer Calculator app (compatible with iOS), helps you know exactly how much soil you need for your garden and can target possible risks to your soil and plants. You can even use the app to diagnose problems such as yellow leaves, and the app will suggest with minerals and nutrients are needed to reverse the damage.

Parrot Flower Power

A slightly more expensive app (mostly because of the sensor that must be bought), Parrot Flower Power works by receiving signals from the sensor that you place in your plants. This sensor can identify soil, sunlight, moisture, and temperature in your plant and alert you of any issues via your smartphone or tablet. You can even program Parrot Flower Power to tailor its diagnosis to your specific plants.


The RainCommander device pairs with your smartphone and/or tablet to give you control of your water system at your fingertips. You can set up your watering schedules and adjust them as needed (or cancel them if an unexpected downpour just watered your plants the natural way).


This app is compatible with virtually every smartphone and is able to pinpoint the position of the sun to your earthly location. It can be used to find out how much sun certain parts of your yard will get during each time of year, and thus plant your garden accordingly. This app can also be useful if you?re thinking about installing solar in your home as it will show you where the solar panels would be the most effective.

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Image source: Lori L. Stalteri

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