Growing plants in a raised bed has a number of advantages over planting in open ground. A raised bed is usually employed for growing vegetables and will tend to increase yields because of the greater control you have over the soil quality and ease of access. The great thing about a raised bed is that there are so many different ways you can make one. I found these eighteen ideas in an article on the Balcony Garden website.

If you want to significantly increase the productivity of your edible garden then grow plants in raised beds. It?s simple: A raised bed is filled with rich, well-drained soil and it ensures better drainage. You can control the weeds easily and work more efficiently in the garden without sweating.

Raised Bed Ideas

1. Wattle Fence Raised Bed

raised bed ideas 5
You?ll need long slender branches for this. Such as willow branches. Weave them between the stakes. Here these stakes are at a distance of about 45 cm from each other to create wattle fence walls. The inside of this raised bed wall is covered with burlap to retain the soil inside, you can also use garden cloth.

2. Raised Bed from Tires

tire raised bed
However, no scientific research has been conducted but most of the gardeners believe that growing edibles in tires can be harmful. If you don?t want to grow vegetables, grow other plants.

3. Brick Raised Bed

brick raised beds
Construct a brick raised bed. Brick raised beds are easy to make and don?t rot down like those of wooden ones.

4. Raised Bed with Wire Mesh as a Protection

raised bed ideas 2
Birds, and sometimes cats and dogs can be a problem and to prevent them you can cover the raised bed with wire mesh or whatever you find appropriate.

5. Hay Bale Raised Bed

straw bale raised bed
Certainly one of the best raised bed ideas to follow. Bale of wheat or alfalfa straws?is used to create walls of raised beds. They decompose relatively quickly and provide nutrition to plants. You can read an informative article on how to make a straw bale raised bed on Bonnie Plants.
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