How To Create Garden Decor Using Stone

Rocks form an essential element of the Japanese garden style, but that is only one of the many ways of using stone to add artful touches in the garden. Combine stone with water and you can create fountains or waterfalls which can be as large or small as you like. Stone can be used in a purely practical way to make a bench or as garden art in the form of sculpture. These ideas come from an article by Laura Gaskill?? ?which I found on the Houzz website. And make sure you don’t miss the amazing stone sculpture that appears to be floating in mid air.

Calling to mind Japanese gardens and ancient riverbeds, the artful use of stone brings rich texture and natural beauty to the landscape. Whatever the scope of your project, there?s sure to be a stone element just right for your space. Small touches ? a stone rain chain, for example, or a ?bubble rock? fountain for the birds ? can be just as striking as larger gestures like waterfalls, boulders and retaining walls.
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