For most of us a downspout is just a pipe that carries water from the roof gutter down to ground level. But that is not the case for the twelve individuals whose houses are featured in the article below. Watch out for monster teapots, an artificial fish ladder, a gulping frog and a humble rain chain and that is just for a start. This amazing collection comes from an article by Vicki Caldera which I found over on the Karma Stream website.

Hey there my dear karma streamers! How are you? Fall is just around the corner and like always we are here to get you prepared. For today, I have made you a collection of 12 unique downspouts for your home you should not miss. Are you excited?
Creative and very innovative downspouts are excellent decors for house exteriors. Colorful and unique, downspout designs can make a statement and give an artistic touches to both modern and old houses. Let?s take a look at the gallery below and get inspired to incorporate such interesting details in our homes. Enjoy and have fun!

Fun Downspouts That Will Make You Say WoW

12 Unique Downspouts for Your Home You Should Not Miss - idea1-15-535x800
12 Unique Downspouts for Your Home You Should Not Miss - idea5-14

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