Dahlias are almost unique among flowers in the variety of shapes and sizes of their blooms. They range from the small tightly curled pompom like flowers to the large spikey monsters. As for colors you can find them in almost any shade you can think of apart from blue. I came across an article on the Top Inspired website which has ten top tips on how to plant, grow and care for these spectacular flowers.

Dahlias are so versatile ? they come in so many colors, sizes and shapes! The size of the gorgeous dahlia flowers range from 1/2 inch to 12 inches and more. There are daisy like single types as well as? fully double types with intermediate forms such as collarettes and anemone types. Dahlias come in every color except blue.
These beautiful spiky flowers originate from Mexico and are?tuberous-rooted perennials that bloom from mid summer till the first frost. We love them not only for their undeniable beauty, but also because they are so low maintenance and easy to grow!?
If you?d like to try and grow dahlias in your garden then you will need to know the basics on how to plant them and care for them. As always, we are here to help with 10 easy tips?

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