With Heuchera It's The Leaves That Count

Crimson Curls, Cajun Fire, Black Taffeta and Cherry Cola are all cultivars of the flower commonly known as Coral Bells. In fact the leaves of some of the heuchera family are coral, but there are others in deeper shades as is clear from the names listed above. Sweet Tart and Lime Marmalade are examples of plants with paler colored leaves. To learn more about this useful plant read this article By Jennifer Connell which I found on the Three Dogs In A Garden website.

Gardeners looking for something colorful to brighten up their late summer garden often look to flowers, but flowers aren’t the only way to go!
Who needs flowers when foliage is this beautiful? The rose and peach colored Heuchera completely transform this shady garden.
Part-shade?Private garden in Campbellville, ON
Here’s a fact that may surprise you?Heuchera are actually a native plant?and are found in various forms across the?North American continent.
Heuchera form neat, round mounds and have a woody centre or “crown”.?The bell-shaped flowers of this plant are often described as “insignificant”. Certainly one purchases a Heuchera primarily for the foliage, but the tiny flowers are often quite attractive in their own right:
In recent years, Heuchera have been focus of frenzied hybridization and can now be found in an amazing array of colors, leaf shapes and textures.
Here’s a look at some of the many cultivars available with suggestions for companion planting:

Shades of Green

Heuchera ‘Sweet Tart’ is a part of a series of miniature hybrids under the brand ‘Little Cutie’. It has bright, lime colored leaves and sprays of peachy-pink flowers. Part to full shade. Height: 10-15 cm (4-6 inches), Spread: 20-25 cm (8-10 inches). USDA zones: 4-9.
Part-shade? Private garden, Brampton, ON.
Heuchera ‘Lime Marmalade’ has lobed and ruffled leaves that are a mix of chartreuse and lime. The flowers are peach on tan-colored stems. Part to full shade. Height: 25-40 cm (10-16 inches), Spread: 40-45 cm (16-18 inches). USDA zones: 4-9.
Similar Cultivar: Heuchera ‘Citronelle’
Heuchera ‘Winter Joy’?has ruffled, lime-green leaves that have a light touch of yellow. The flowers are white. Part to full shade. Height: 25-30 cm (10-18 inches), Spread: 40-45 cm (16-18 inches). USDA zones: 4-9.