This article should be read by anyone who is a reluctant gardener. The sort of person who knows that the lawn needs mowing or that there are weeds to be pulled, but prefers to sit on the couch and watch TV. Once they realize that there are more than a dozen ways that gardening benefits our health both physically and mentally they will surely be encouraged to spend more time outdoors. Candace Osmond is the author of this article which I found on the Backyard Boss website.

Getting out in the garden is definitely an awesome way to spend a sunny afternoon or a weekend but many people don?t realize the health benefits of gardening.
Stepping out into the fresh air and really getting back to nature can bring you so many good things and really change your entire outlook on life. It sounds drastic, but I?m not kidding! There are few things better in life than the simple pleasure of enjoying your own carefully cultivated patch of earth ? no matter how big or small.
So I?ve put together some awesome information about the physical and mental health benefits of gardening.

Burn Calories, Tone Muscle and Improve Your Physical Health

Some of us just aren?t cut out for spending hours in the gym, am I right? It can?t JUST be me! If the thought of pounding a treadmill for hours on end while listening to pop music at a high volume just doesn?t do it for you, then you may be happy to learn you can get a good workout just from gardening. Yeah, I know, right?

Gardening for Exercise

The physical benefits of gardening are easy to see. Have you ever noticed how people who work outdoors have a generally a toned physique and find it easier to keep trim than others? Even just a small amount of lifting, walking, and bending can help to improve your overall health.

What Makes Gardening Good Exercise?

You might not realize it, but walking up and down a garden is good exercise. If you?re pushing a mower or using a rake to gather leaves, it is gently working your muscles as well as providing a great cardio workout.

Pushing a wheelbarrow is also good strength training ? depending on the weight of the load! And all that bending down you?re doing while weeding the flowerbeds or scraping moss from surfaces is also giving your body a good all over workout. Don?t believe me? Just try it once, you?ll be feeling it for days.

Gardening Targets Muscle Groups
Carrying plant pots, while improving your upper body strength, arm, and shoulder muscles is also great for your core. While holding a heavy load your core muscles ?switch on? to help you stay balanced.

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