I’m sure that anyone starting to garden on clay soil for the first time will think that I am mad for suggesting that clay is not a problem. At first sight there can be nothing worse that that sticky yellow stuff that is soggy in the wet and then sets rock hard when dried by the sun. But with the right approach gardening on clay can provide more satisfaction as Benjamin Vogt explains in his article which I found on the Houzz website.

I started to garden seriously at a new house in a new subdivision, where there weren?t more than a few houses on our street. I knew next to nothing, which is probably why I put shovel to soil and blindly accepted the 10 pounds of clay that accumulated on each shoe and the 20 pounds of it that made the shovel feel like Thor?s hammer. It was a good workout ? but it didn?t have to be so back-breaking.
If only I knew then what I knew now ? that working with clay soil requires a different strategy, one that can be more economical and increase gardening satisfaction. Yes, I?ll say it: Clay soil is awesome.
Not sure if you have clay soil? Do a soil test yourself

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