When you are wondering what you can plant in a shady spot in your garden you first need to establish whether it is full or partial shade. Full shade means less than three hours of sun a day, but even in these conditions you have a reasonable choice of plants. In this video P Allen Smith from eHow Home explains that it is important to establish a basic structure before considering individual flowers. He suggests Hydrangeas, Azaleas and Rhododendrons which are happy in woodland conditions. Camellias, Holly and Boxwood are also useful for the structure. He then suggests perennial flowers that can be grown in shade. As always Hostas are top of the list and deservedly so because of the large number of varieties with their attractive leaves. These can be complemented by ferns of various types. Maidenhair, Royal and the Autumn Fern with its bronze leaves. The other group of perennials are Heuchera or Coral Bells with colors ranging from pale yellow to dark bronze. Finally he suggests ground covers: Vinca Minor, Mondo Grass and Strawberry Begonia.? Please go to the next page to watch the video as P Allen Smith shows you what you can do in shade.

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