These days it seems that any old object can be placed in the landscape to be admired as garden decor. Of course some are more successful than others and some old junk will still look like old junk how ever artfully it is placed. On the other hand there are plenty of examples where the addition of these objects can add greatly to the scene as is demonstrated in this article by Kathy Woodard which I found on The Garden Glove website.

If you are looking for a way to add some whimsy or character to your garden,?you have a pretty safe bet if you use windows and doors to amp up the pretty. Windows and doors?both add a sense of mystery to a garden, a wonder of what surprises lie just beyond where the eye can see. Add some vintage age, and you have a recipe for a delightful space that lures in even the most cynical garden visitor. You can use them as actual gateways to other garden spaces, or as garden decor that only leads to another space in ones? imagination. (I kinda like those even better!) Take these great ideas and find an inexpensive door in the home improvement center, pick up a vintage window at the salvage yard, or create your own door and window ?look? with an element of new construction. But bring in a??passage-way? to your garden, (whether real or implied) and you will have a hard time keeping visitors out! Our feature photo below, is from ?Paintbox Garden? via ?Houzz?. This would be an easy way to mount a freestanding door as a gate in the garden, by sinking two large wood poles as a doorframe.
Windows and doors in garden-1
These two wood doors were repurposed by ?BHG? to create this fresh take on a garden arbor. You could also use wood posts behind the doors as support here. We would recommend using a quick setting concrete to set the posts into their holes, then screw the doors into the posts.
Windows and doors in garden-2

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