Turn Old Wheelbarrows And Carts Into Planters

The idea for using an old wheelbarrow as a planter seems to have been around for ever. Certainly they do make excellent containers with space for a fine floral display. In fact the idea is so fashionable that you will find modern reproduction wheelbarrows and garden carts specifically designed for use as planters. I came across this collection of old wheelbarrows and garden carts on the Goods Home Design website.

The d?cor of your garden is influenced by many things. You see gardening projects on the internet focused on building structures, like pergolas, gazebos or fountains, but the secret behind a beautiful garden can lay in reusing outdoor tools and instruments. The wheelbarrow will make a perfect planter and an important addition to a rustic design. All the work you have to do in this DIY adventure is maybe getting rid of the rust off the wheelbarrow, give it a paint job and fill it with plants or flowers. It will look so inviting! Such a device is so great because you can move it anywhere else when you feel it doesn?t fit anymore, or some other plants have grown and overshadow it. You can use a regular wheelbarrow, but a wooden one will make the rustic ambient much more present. Choose the nicest design of a wheelbarrow planter and it will improve the overall garden design with ease. Take the photos given as guideline and make your garden the most beautiful in your area!
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