With all the excitement over the Christmas holiday it is easy for your houseplants to be overlooked. If you find that leaves are wilting or turning brown and falling off then you may have a problem. I came across an article by Mary Dyer over at the Gardening Know How website which has some helpful advice on tracing the reasons for the problem. Mary covers three areas in her article, environmental problems, diseases and pests.

Houseplants are nice to have around and they are a pleasure to grow when things go as they should. However, when your plant is looking puny instead perky, it can be difficult to pinpoint the reason.

What?s Wrong with My Plant?

Good question! There are many possible reasons why your plant is looking sick, but you can usually narrow it down to common houseplant problems with water, light, pests or disease. Learning basic houseplant troubleshooting may help you determine if your plant can be saved, or if all hope is lost.

Environmental Problems

  • Light ? Environmental issues indoors often include problems with light. For example, a plant that looks long and spindly may be stretching to reach available light. A flowering plant that refuses to bloom may also be lacking adequate light. If this is the case, moving the plant to a brighter spot may solve the problem. On the other hand, if your plant is brownish with scorched-looking tips or edges, the light may be too intense. Move the plant to a less intensely lit location and prune out the brown areas.
  • Temperature ? Temperature is also a factor. Remember that most indoor plants are actually tropical plants adapted to the home environment. Room temperature may be too low or the air may be too dry. Raising humidity indoors can help alleviate most issues with dry air.

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Image source: Ruth Hartnup