Winter coughs and colds can bring misery to some of us and the natural reaction is to rush to the pharmacy to buy some powders or pills. There is an alternative approach you can adopt by taking advantage of the natural healing properties of medicinal herbs. Although we talk of medicinal herbs in fact many are just the common varieties we use in the kitchen. I found an article by Shannon Mckee over on Dave’s Garden website in which she describes the various ways you can use medicinal herbs to cure minor ailments.

Winter time can be chock-full of unpleasant ailments that can make you unhappy and uncomfortable, but there are some natural treatments you can reach for before visiting the pharmacy.

Winter time is a season that many gardeners don?t look forward to because it means that they won?t be outside digging in the dirt and enjoying the sunshine, and to top it all off, there?s the fact that when the temperatures drop, there?s plenty of winter ailments you?ve got to deal with, too. This winter blend your love for gardening with your desire to find more natural treatments for the cough and colds that hold you back. Here are some natural remedies for winter illnesses that you can concoct using medicinal herbs.

Herbal Teas

A cup of sage tea

There are a huge number of medicinal herbs that you can use to create remedies for your illness symptoms, and the best part is, that you can often find a blend of herbs that not only helps you to feel better, but tastes great, too.

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