There is nothing more tempting than a home grown strawberry and when they are growing in the ground there are plenty of other garden residents that can reach the fruit before you. So growing in hanging baskets will save you the trouble of bending to tend and harvest your crop and also keep the fruit away from many pests. This idea comes from Lynne Cherot as she explains in her article which I found on the Sensible Gardening website.

There is nothing like a fresh grown strawberry. Store bought strawberries simply cannot compete for flavor with a strawberry grown in your garden. But not everyone has a garden. Not a problem as strawberries grow exceptionally well in containers.
Growing Strawberries in Containers with Sensible Gardening
Container Benefits:
Picking your berries is much easier if you raise your containers above the ground. No more bending down to pick.
Your berries are off the dirt so they are much cleaner.
No more having to move your strawberry patch around to avoid soil-borne diseases.
Your strawberry plants will last for 3 seasons if potted in a soil-based potting mixture.
You can extend your growing season by placing your strawberry pots in a green house over winter where they will bloom earlier in the spring.
Types of ?Strawberry Containers:
There is such a thing as a strawberry pot which has planting pockets around the sides of the pot. They are very decorative and save space but can be a bit difficult to plant and water.
Hanging baskets make great containers for strawberries. The plants are short and the fruiting stems hang down. Your typical 12 inch pot will hold about 3 plants. You can even use old gutters.
Growing Strawberries in Containers with Sensible Gardening

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