Top Tips To Entice Garden Gnomes To Visit

Gnomes are those helpful little beings that can make themselves useful around the garden. Sometimes they can prove to be rather a nuisance if they are not treated properly and can be hard to remove. Some people hate garden gnomes and do all they can to keep them away, but others cannot have enough of these delightful little creatures. If you are one of the latter this article by Nikki Phipps which I found on the Gardening Know How website will give you some useful tips.

Gnomes, these nurturing yet stubborn garden entities have long been described as small, stout beings that usually reside underground. They care for the earth. They aid in the growing of things. They are protectors of animals and, apparently, gnomes like to travel. It has been said that the history behind gnomes is rooted in folklore and superstition, or is it. By implementing a few odds and ends around the garden, it is actually quite possible to entice these miniature little creatures into the area. Here are our top 5 tips for attracting gnomes to the garden.

  1. Plants ? Plants are a surefire way to lure these little guys (and their companions) to the garden. Gnomes are especially attracted to plants that butterflies and hummingbirds enjoy. Provide an endless assortment of wildflowers and herbs. Ferns, moss and other forest favorites, like bluebells, are a must have in your gnome garden. And don?t forget to feed the little guys by providing some of their favorite food sources ? nuts, mushrooms, potatoes, fruit, berries and honey.
  1. Accessories ? Gnomes are workers, and although you might have seen one or two lazing about, it is only under the cover of darkness that they move around. In order to make the area more attractive to these magical beings, it is advisable to provide them with appropriate tools, like wheelbarrows and such, so they can work in the garden while you sleep. You may also want to fill the garden area with statues as well, as this helps let them know they are welcome. Gnomes are especially fond of fairy statues.

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