Planters full of colorful flowers are a joy to behold, but how much more attractive would they be if there were sweet fragrance as well as color? Luckily there are plenty of plants with scented flowers as well as others with fragrant leaves so there is ample choice when designing? your planter. The article below which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site suggests several? plant combinations and also contains a list of fragrant flowers and scented leaves.

See how to make a small fragrant garden on your balcony, terrace or patio in this article.

Do you want to enjoy a fragrant garden? Do not deprive yourself because you have a small garden. Majority of the fragrant plants are mainly vines or shrubs and you can easily grow them in pots. You can arrange these fragrant plants on your balcony, patio or rooftop garden according to your preference and climate.

Gardenia Tree in small fragrant garden
Even a single gardenia flower can fill your small fragrant garden with seductive perfume.

No other sense is more provoking and evoking than smell of fragrance. A fragrant garden that exudes delicious sweet notes is a real pleasure. Some plants use their scent to attract pollinators, bees, moths and butterflies. Others, however, use their fragrance to repel away unwanted insects and pests.

Lilacs are beautiful cut flowers, their light fragrance can make any atmosphere more lively

In addition to the pleasure of variety of scents, you will have the pleasure to enjoy a lively and animated garden filled with joyful fragrances and aromas.?The more your garden is small (a balcony or terrace), the more easily the fragrance will sweep over it.
Choose the plants carefully as some plants perfume the atmosphere during the day, whereas others in the evening or night. Make a combination of them by choosing the varieties and location smartly. Don?t grow highly fragrant plants closely as this may unify their fragrance. Also remember to grow low growing fragrant plants up on hanging baskets on planters, closer to your nose. Determine the type of fragrance you want to have in your garden. Do you prefer light and delicate notes or fruity, spicy or overpowering scents?

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