Top Tips For Success With Lilies

Lilies are one of the most exotic plants we can grow with their large colorful and fragrant flowers that are always in demand in the florists. The three types of lilies flower at different times so it is possible to extend the blooming period by careful choice of variety. While lilies are basically easy to grow this article by Kath LaLiberte which I found on the Longfield Gardens website contains eight tips to help ensure success with these exotic flowers.

Lilies have an elegance few other flowers can rival. With such big, exotic-looking blossoms,?it seems like they?d be tricky to grow. But they?re not! Here are eight?tips to help you succeed with these gorgeous summer-blooming flower bulbs.

1. Choose Your Type

Lilies are available?in a variety of?heights, flower styles and bloom times. Planting several different types of lilies lets you get creative with placement and pairings. It also stretches the bloom time. Keep in mind that Asiatic and Oriental-Asiatic hybrids?flower in early summer. Midseason bloomers include trumpets and species types. Last to flower are the Oriental-Trumpet hybrids and Orientals.

2. Plant?in Spring

Though lilies may be planted in spring or fall, most commercial growers don?t harvest?until early?fall.??For this reason, lily bulbs?are usually held in coolers for the winter and made available for purchase in spring.

3. Handle Lily Bulbs with Care

Unlike tulips and daffodils, lily bulbs do not have a protective covering. Make sure to handle them gently to avoid breaking off the scales. The bulbs should also be planted as soon as possible so they don?t dry out. A little mold on the outer scales is normal and no cause for worry.

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