Top 9 Foliage Plants for Summer

The nine plants on this list all have amazing colors, not from their flowers, but from their leaves. The colors range from white to black with striking reds, orange and silver blue in between. And it’s not just the color that makes these plants such good value, but also the shape and texture of the leaves. These nine foliage plants are described by Marianne Lipanovich in her article which I found on the Houzz website.

With foliage colors ranging from black to white, and pretty much every hue and variation in between, annuals and perennials can provide your garden with spring-to-fall color that won?t fade when your summer flowers stop blooming. Better yet, they combine their eye-catching colors with intriguing foliage shapes and textures, including some that can give gardens in some of the coldest regions a tropical vibe.
Listed below are nine easy-care plants that can be planted from seeds, seedlings and cuttings this spring, and they?ll soon be brightening up your landscape. Use them to fill a container, add punch to a garden bed or border or create a larger-than-life accent.
1. Black Mondo Grass
(Ophiopogon planiscapus ?Nigrescens?)
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