Top 8 Ornamental Flowering Cherry Trees

One of the joys of spring is the appearance of blossom on blackthorn bushes and fruit trees that will later produce apples, pears and plums. But for shear exhuberance there is nothing to surpass the blossom of the flowering cherries. There may be no fruit to follow, but this is no excuse for not including at least one ornamental cherry tree in your garden. This article by Kaori Fujiyama which I found on the Houzz website describes eight of the best flowering cherry trees.

Every year when the weather starts getting warmer, the ?cherry blossom front,? as the blooming of ornamental cherry trees across Japan is affectionately known, becomes a hot topic. Early April is peak season for cherry blossom viewing in Japan, so these little pink flowers seem to be everywhere at the moment.
The blossoms you are probably picturing when reading this, and the ones you are likely to see in most photos, come from the Yoshino cherry, the most commonly grown variety of sakura (cherry blossom) tree. The ephemeral beauty of its flowers has captivated the hearts of nature lovers throughout Japan and around the world.
Nonetheless, this is only one of a dazzling number of gorgeous varieties. Let?s take a tour of some flowering cherries you may have missed.
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