Top 7 Tips On Growing Colorful Climbing Plants

Every wall, fence, arch or pergola can be regarded as a possible site for a climbing plant. Whether you are thinking of planting a rose, clematis or other climber you will need to consider the particular plant’s requirements as to sun or shade as well as its hardiness. I found these seven helpful tips in an article by Vicky over on the Top Dreamer website.

Flowering climbers can soften the look of arches, pergolas, walls and fences. When choosing this type of plant, keep an eye out for the plant?s hardiness (how much it can cope with extreme weather or winter season). The hardier the climber plant, the less likely it will suffer from low and high temperatures or winter wet.
See the following tips that will guide you to successful growing, scent and color you will truly appreciate.

Wall?Flowering Climbers


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Plant in the correct site

Find out where the climber you have chosen for your garden likes to grow. Some plants enjoy a sunny site, others will appreciate a degree of shade. If you give your plant a great start by ensuring the plant is positioned in the correct site.

Don?t plant deeply

When planting, make sure the top of the rootball is flush with the surrounding soil level.


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Choose established rootballs

See if you can inspect the roots when buying the climber. You should choose climbers that show a lot of roots, because they are an effective indication of the general health of the plant.

Here are more ideas for growing climbing roses on a pergola in the garden.

Pergola Flowering Climbers


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