Top 7 Perennial Flowers for the Shade Garden

Top 7 Perennial Flowers for the Shade Garden

The seven perennial plants on this list have been chosen for their ability to provide colorful blooms all summer long. Many of the plants recommended for shade are noteable for their foliage rather than flowers. For example the several varieties of Hostas have interesting leaves but few flowers. These seven perennial bloomers are described by Kathy in her article which I found on The Garden Glove website.

When the garden catalogs come out and the nurseries start stocking plants, gardeners start thinking about how to get the most bloom for their buck. That can be a really tough job when you have a shaded garden that needs some color. You don?t have to have an all foliage garden just because your garden is shaded, and you don?t have to settle for just a few weeks of bloom. Check out these summer blooming shade perennials.


Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer
This is not your typical annual geranium that fills window boxes everywhere? in truth, those are Pelargoniums. True geraniums are a perennial that does well in partial shade, and blooms pink or blue all summer. In addition, many varieties? foliage turns bronze or red in the fall. We love Geranium ?Rozanne?. Its blooms are big and blue, and the plant grows to 20 inches. The common name for this plant is ?Cranesbill?.


One?of our favorite?summer blooming shade perennials is Astilbe. Astilbe have foliage that is glossy and attractive, and bloom from late spring into summer. If you cut them back after blooming, they can bloom again. In pinks, purples and whites, they are a fluffy spire that can brighten any shady spot. They grow 18 inches wide and 18-24 inches tall, and are hardy to zone 4. Common name ?Meadowsweet?. These plants are tough, but cannot handle drought. Keep soil moist and fertilize yearly for best bloom.

Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer



Known for growing in almost any conditions, Spiderwort has strap like foliage and interesting flowers of white, pink or purple all summer. These summer bloomers are drought resistant and deer resistant. Because their blossoms are small in size, plant in groups for best effect. Hardy to zone 4.

Perennials For Shade That Bloom All Summer

This variety has bright green leaves and is called ?Sweet Kate?. Great for brightening up a shady garden!

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Image Credits: Rotary Botanical Garden

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