Top 6 Houseplants for the Bathroom

While installing one or more houseplants in the bathroom is a great idea the choice of plants that will thrive in this situation is somewhat tricky. The plants will have to be able to cope with periods of warm damp heat followed by longer cooler intervals probably with low light levels. This article by Georgia Madden which I found on the Houzz website describes six houseplants that will fill the bill.

Plants are a beautiful addition to bathrooms. They bring a touch of nature into the space and give anyone who enters an immediate sense of calm and well-being ? perfect for a room that?s all about cleansing and relaxation. Plus, they soften the lines of tiles and bathroom fixtures. Here, Richard Unsworth, garden designer and owner of the Sydney firm Garden Life, answers your questions about choosing a plant for your bathroom.
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Feature photo: Beth Kooby Design