Top 6 Ground Cover Plants To Replace a Lawn

For some people a perfect area of closely mown grass is the height of their ambition while others may be attracted by the prospect of a ground cover that consumes less water and needs little maintenance. One of the qualities of grass that few other plants can equal is its ability to withstand feet, but here are six ground covers that are walkable. This article by Lauren Dunec Hoang which comes from the Houzz website describes these six plants.

A ground cover plant that can replace a traditional lawn grass often has to satisfy a wide range of criteria. Primarily, the plant must be walkable: It has to be very resilient, able to recover quickly from being trodden upon and also have a flat, low-growing habit ? ideally without large clumps or twiggy branches. For lawn replacements or anything planted in large swaths, in a dry climate, we?re also looking for a ground cover that thrives in low-water conditions. Plus, we?d like it to be generally low-maintenance and look good year-round.
While it?s tough to find many plants that fit every criterion on our list, the following six score high marks in almost all of those categories. They?re low-water, walkable ground covers that are friendly to feet and the environment.
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