While the area of garden in front of the house is usually open for all to view, the land at the back is where people can enjoy themselves in private cut off from the outside world. To ensure your privacy you need either a fence or hedge. A hedge is just a number of shrubs planted close together and there are many different bushes that have been grown for this purpose. The five shrubs described in this article by Liz Baessler which I found on the Gardening Know How website are perhaps not what you would expect, but would certainly make an excellent screen.

Privacy is important in your yard or garden, and it?s great to enjoy the fruits of your labors, but you don?t always want the whole world watching while you do it! Luckily, you can plant your garden to serve as its own barrier, growing living fences around the border. These are our top 5 shrubs for screening.
1. Holly
Photo credit: Liz West
Hollies are fantastic plants for border screens, particularly in snowy areas. Evergreen and hardy to USDA zone 5, hollies should stay green and full through the winter, also producing striking red berries. Many varieties top out at 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide, growing straight up in a way that makes a row of them perfect for a natural screen.
2. Camellia
This is an evergreen family of shrubs that can reach 10 feet tall and produces vibrant, spectacular blossoms. Camellia grows well in the sun or shade, and depending upon the variety will give you flowers in a wide range of pinks at different times throughout summer and fall.

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