If Father Christmas has slipped a cool new e-reader or tablet into your Christmas stocking you will be looking for gardening and birding apps that you can download. This list has been compiled by Jill Staake and comes from the Birds and Blooms website. The list concentrates rather more on birds than plants, but has some useful suggestions.

Did you get a shiny new e-reader, tablet, or phone for Christmas this year? Then I?ve got a list for you of some of the best gardening and birding apps and e-books that you?ll want to check out right away!
Best Gardening and Birding Apps and eBooks

  • Sibley Birds of North America. Leave the bulky field guide at home and download this app instead. It includes all the photos and info you love from the guide, plus sound recordings and the ability to see if a bird is likely to be spotted in your area.
  • Merlin Bird ID. Answer five simple questions and the Merlin app provides instant suggestions using the 400 most common birds of North America ? and it?s free!
  • eBird Mobile. Recording and reporting your field observations is easier than ever with the updated eBird app. Check the boxes and submit your report when you?re done ? so simple
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Image source: Birds & Blooms