A weed is a flower that is growing in the wrong place was never so true as is the case with Bindweed. It has such a sweet white flower, but is so terrible a weed as to drive many gardeners to despair. As fast as you dig it out it reappears again nearby from its spreading roots. I found an article by Heather Rhoades over on the Gardening Know How website which suggests four ways that you can tackle this monster. I am sure that they are all worth a try, but I think you may have to repeat the treatment quite a few times.

Any gardener that has had the displeasure of having bindweed in their garden knows how frustrating and infuriating these weeds can be. Controlling bindweed can be difficult, but it can be done if you are willing to take the time. Below, we have listed some different ways how to control bindweed.
Identifying Bindweed
Before you can get rid of bindweed, you need to make sure that the weed you have is bindweed. Bindweed (Convolvulus) is often called wild morning glory because it looks like morning glory. Bindweed is a climbing vine. Normally, the first signs that you have bindweed will be thin thread-like vines that wrap themselves tightly around plants or other upward objects.
Eventually, the bindweed vines will grow leaves, which are shaped much like an arrowhead. After the leaves appear, the bindweed vine will start growing flowers. Bindweed flowers are trumpet shaped and will be either white or pink.
How to Control Bindweed
Part of why it is so hard to get rid of bindweed is that it has a large and hardy root system. Single attempts to remove bindweed roots will not be successful. When controlling bindweed, the first thing to remember is that you will need to make several attempts of the bindweed control method you choose several times before you can successfully kill bindweed.

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