Hanging baskets bring an additional feature to your property and enhance the plants growing in borders or containers underneath. Although hanging baskets do need regular watering the tumbling ball of flowers makes the hard work all worthwhile. Garden centers offer an abundance of ready made hanging baskets to buy, but it is usually more enjoyable to put together one of your own. I discovered this selection of twenty-five plants that are ideal for use in hanging baskets through the Garden Lovers Club website.

Utilizing hanging baskets around your home or garden is a great way to create different levels for your space, as well as draw your guest?s attention. We?ve seen them work wonderfully hanging above front porches, as a way to welcome those entering the home, and we?ve seen them used within gardens as a way to create multiple levels, rather than only having plants in the ground or in pots.
If you are considering adding some hanging baskets to your collection, you?ll want to be sure that you have a sufficient way to hang them. Depending on the size of plants you plan 0n using, you?ll want to make sure that you have a sturdy base from which you can hang the basket and a long enough chain that will allow your basket to rest at the proper height.
You can always just buy pre-arranged baskets from your local grocery store, and it?s a great idea to do so if you don?t have a lot of time to spend putting together something of your own! But if you do have the time and feel like getting creative, we wanted to help you in your quest to impress your guests!

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