Top 25 Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Adding a few hanging baskets to your house will create an attractive feature that will provide instant curb appeal. While planting your own basket is easy enough you can buy them from a garden center already planted and ready to hang. Just remember that hanging baskets need regular watering which can become quite a chore. As to which flowers are best for use in hanging baskets this article which I came across on the Garden lovers Club website has some suggestions.

Utilizing hanging baskets around your home or garden is a great way to create different levels for your space, as well as draw your guest?s attention. We?ve seen them work wonderfully hanging above front porches, as a way to welcome those entering the home, and we?ve seen them used within gardens as a way to create multiple levels, rather than only having plants in the ground or in pots.

1. Begonia

Begonias are elegant flowers native to tropical climates. They are quite popular and are appreciated as a houseplant thanks to their brilliant colors.

2. Fuchsia

This unique flower boasts an extravagant display of colorful petals. Fuchsia is a great plant for a hanging basket?since the flower itself is always inverted.

3. Impatiens

Impatiens are delicate?flowers that are also known as ?Touch-Me-Not? flowers. They have seed pods that explode and send seedlings floating up to several meters!

4. Lobelia

Lobelias are native to tropical climates, but can be found in moderate climates as well. Their beautiful pedals come in a variety of different colors.

5. Nasturtium


Nasturtium actually translates to ?nose-twister? or ?nose-tweaker?. These bright flowers are usually symmetrical and always have 5 petals.

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