Top 25 Flowers For Pollinators

Although this is a list of twenty-five plants that will aid pollination by bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, it is far more than this. The article I am quoting looks at how to decide what flowers to grow in several different ways. Starting with five basic Rules of Thumb then there are seven points on plant selection culminating in four ideas on planting design. The article is by Emily Murphy and comes from the Pass The Pistil website.

Flowers are the new black ? they go with everything ? and the advent of the slow flower movement coupled with the revolution in wildlife gardening are leading the trend. Maybe we should call it The Great Flower Revival? We?re reminded not only of the beauty of a singular flower but of the importance of pairing and planning our gardens with the right flowers and plants.
3 Steps Toward a Better Pollinator Garden

Plant the wrong one(s), for me Sweet William and Red Campion, and you could be weeding it from your garden for years to come. They?re enticing but mistakes have taught me to proceed with caution, which isn?t always easy for someone (like myself) with limited patience.

So how do you know what to grow?

Like me, you?ve probably spent time watching what you?ve planted because you can?t help yourself ? you love it. Even if you simply tolerate your garden it?s nearly impossible not to notice when you?re literally in the thick of it. Bees, birds and butterflies moving about you as they work their way from one plant to the next ? which flowers they prefer, their quirky habits, and routes they take.

It?s just as easy to see what?s growing well, what?s happy and what?s not.?


3 Steps Toward a Better Pollinator Garden

Keeping all of this in mind, you can grow a better garden from one season to the next and, at the same time, optimize what you plant, making it a multi-purpose operation. Create a fabulous space that is a pollinator haven, transforming your kitchen garden, containers, front yard ? no problem. Take your observations to the next level with simple planning.

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