Top 24 Drought Tolerant Plants

Read on below to discover more of these attractive plants that can thrive in low water conditions.

4. Lithops

Lithops are unique stone like succulent plants due to the reason they are also known as ?Living stones.? Lithops are suitable houseplants, with very low watering requirements they are easy to keep. Learn how to grow Lithops here.

5. Blanket Flower ?Gaillardia.?

The blanket flower has no special needs. Anyone without a green thumb can make it bloom prolifically. All it really want is a sunny spot and occasional watering spells. It blooms all summer long and also in the fall. It is possible to grow this plant in both cold and warm tropical climates (USDA Zones 3-10).

6. Verbena

Verbena is an excellent ground cover that spreads rapidly and thrives in high heat and a?little water. It?comes in many colors and blooms in clusters from spring to fall (year round in warm climates). It needs full sun and well-drained soil. Verbena grows diversely in both temperate and tropical climates under USDA zone 3 to 11.

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