Top 22 Trees To Grow As Bonsai

Top 22 Trees To Grow As Bonsai

Read on below to discover more examples of trees that can be used for bonsai.

4. Baobab

Tall, gigantic and fabled African tree, the great baobab is truly adaptable to become a bonsai. Easy to care and maintain in warm climates, the baobab tree bonsai requires some care in winter in cooler zones. Learn everything about growing this amazing tree here.
Position: If you live in a warm climate just keep it in the?sun, this, largest succulent in our world will thrive. However, if you live in a temperate zone, place the pot indoors in winter.
Styles: Broom, Informal upright, Baobab style

5. Common Beech?(Fagus sylvatica)

Fagus sylvatica 2
This tall stately tree becomes large to medium sized bonsai specimen and best presented in the style of an upright plant. Young shoots can be easily formed and the leaves in autumn turn to golden yellow color. Keep in mind, the beech tree is a slow grower and takes time.
Position:?Keep your beech tree bonsai in semi-shade to full sun position, providing a space that is sheltered from the intense afternoon sun, especially in summer.
Styles: *Group planting, Formal upright, Informal upright, Slanting, Cascade, Semi-cascade

6. Boxwood

Not only for hedging, boxwood can also become a bonsai. Super adaptable to containers, any species of this genus is easy to care for and maintain and becomes a handsome bonsai. If you are in making your first bonsai, try boxwood.
Position: The boxwood is an outdoor plant that is tough and resilient and withstands the?sun as well as shade, however, in its natural environment it grows under the canopy of trees so it is better if you place the plant in partial sun. As boxwoods don?t tolerate severely cold temperatures protect the plant in winter.
Styles: Informal upright, Formal upright, Slanting

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