Some might call it lazy, but it does take a little effort to set up in the first place. The traditional method of planting flowers that you have purchased from the garden center is to dig a hole with your trowel, remove the new plant from its pot and plant it into the hole. With this pot-in-pot system all you have to do is take the plants you have bought and pop them into the waiting pots. Once the plants have finished flowering, whip them out and install a new set in their place. The anonymous author of this article cites twenty reasons why this is a good idea although I am not entirely convinced by number one. I came across this article on the Florida Friendly Plants website.

What is it? Bury an empty pot in a spot in the garden to function as a sleeve then drop in plants growing in the same size pot leaving them in their original container.
Add an efficent drip system to water your Pot-in-Pot garden.

Apply your preferred mulch for weed control or pull your plants out, spray weeds with roundup and replace the pots into pots.

Use this time-tested method:

  1. where you have difficulty digging because tree roots or rocks
  2. where tree or shrub roots would encroach into rich organic flower beds
  3. where nematodes (microscopic root?eating pest?worms) are a problem on certain plants
  4. where you need to save cost of incorporating organic matter to build a rich flower bed
  5. where you can pull out the pots, spray Roundup on the weeds and replace pots once?the Roundup?dries
  6. where you garden with pots in beds using woven groundcover fabric?with holes cut just for Pot-in-Pot
  7. where all you have is sand in your garden
  8. where all you have is coral rock in your garden
  9. where you need to save time in changing out annuals
  10. where you need to change annuals with poinsettias, hardy mums, lilies

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