Top 20 Popular Perennial Flowers

Top 20 Popular Perennial Flowers

The great advantage of perennial flowers is that you plant them once and they will then bloom for many seasons. You can also increase your stock of plants by various propagation methods. But best of all many of these perennials are our favorite flowers. I found this list of twenty favorite perennial flowers on the Garden Lovers Club website.

It?s no wonder that for generations perennial flowers have graced gardens around the world. There is a certain pleasure in seeing the arrival each year of favorites that like wildflowers, just seem to happen on their own.

The following will introduce you to 20 favorite perennial flowers that are easy to bring into your gardens and may serve to fill out difficult planting areas such as slopes, rocky areas, depressions, ledges and even around trees.


Aster x Frikartii Flowers bring a pleasant pastel pop of purple color to any perennial garden. Growing best in full sunlight they make a great addition to butterfly gardens, backyard landscapes, and more. Their daisy styled shape and their long stems make them perfect additions to floral arrangements or bouquets. Aster x Frikartii plants grow to be roughly two feet tall.

Catmint (Nepeta x faassenii) ??Related to Catnip, this is the perfect perennial that is easy to grow and keep alive. Not only does Catmint sprout flowers in multiple colors, such as pink, white and purple, but it?s a great plant to look at throughout the growing season as it provides a gray-green foliage that people will truly enjoy.

Coneflower flowers have a cone-shaped interior and a floppy petal. Coneflowers belong to an assortment of wildflowers that fall into the coneflower category. Uncomplicated to cultivate and loved by wildlife, the coneflower flower disperses itself effortlessly in good quality earth and plenty of sunshine. A variety of grandiose colors, including orangey-violets, makes it the perfect addition to any cut flower arrangement.

Coreopsis ?Mango Punch? ??Perfect for sunny areas, coreopsis is easy to grow and thrives on neglect. Tolerant of dry soil and extreme heat, this long-bloomer provides vibrant, daisy-like flowers in vibrant shades of red, yellow, orange and pink. Some varieties grow up to four feet tall while others make delightful mounds of color for beds and borders.

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