Many plants that are grown indoors need a sunny spot where there is plenty of light, but there are several houseplants that can survive and even thrive in areas of low light. Since houseplants have the twin benefits of providing an attractive decoration and at the same time a natural air cleaner everyone should be encouraged to grow them indoors. This list of the nineteen best low light indoor plants has been prepared by Lynne Cherot whose article I discovered on her Sensible Gardening website.

All living houseplants require some light, but some grow very well with very little. Our homes and offices can benefit greatly by having living plants as part of the decor, and to help clean the air we breath, however many rooms have minimal natural light sources. If you read that there are plants that will grow in your home with no light source at all (including artificial), well that simply is not so.

Lucky for us there are several plants that require minimum light to survive and even thrive. Some of these selections grow well in bright light, but will also perform adequately in lower light conditions.

Growing?natural plants in dark corners or dark rooms adds color and life to an other wise dull and drab environment. Here are selections for you to try. Not only are they happy in low light but most are also easy care plants.

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