Top 18 Funny And Sentimental Garden Signs

I love garden quotes and every time I come across a new one I add it to my collection. And what better place to have the quote than on a sign in your garden for everyone to enjoy. This collection of garden signs covers a whole range of emotions from a basic Welcome to funny, sarcastic and sentimental. The list has been compiled by Melissa J Will and comes from her Empress of Dirt website.

I love how a garden sign can set the tone for an entire garden. It?s a simple way to infuse your personality?however sarcastic, salty, sentimental, romantic, or tell-it-like-it-is you are, into your little piece of the world.
These selections come from Etsy, so you can order the one that fits you, get inspired to make your own, or contact?sellers who offer custom creations.

1 ?Welcome

Beautiful, rustic WELCOME sign with mason jar vase by RedRoanSigns on Etsy
RedRoanSigns on Etsy

2 ?Think?Outside: No Box Required

Think Outside: No Box Required by SimplyPallets on Etsy
SimplyPallets on Etsy

3 ?Bee Happy

Bee Happy sign by MySalvagedPast on EtsyMySalvagedPast on Etsy

4? Trespassers Will Be Composted

Trespassers Will Be Composted by OnceUponALaser on Etsy
OnceUponALaser on Etsy

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Feature photo: InspirationToArt on Etsy