The first rule of gardening success is to grow flowers that are suited to the conditions. While it is possible to ignore this rule and still succeed, it will be harder and often not worth the effort. If your flower border has plants that flag in extreme heat then this list of eighteen flowers that love the sun will give you some suggestions of plants you can add to restore the blooms. I found this list in an article on Rodale’s Organic Life website.

If your perennial garden starts to fizzle as soon as hot weather arrives, then you need a plan to keep your beds blooming. Try interplanting your perennials with annuals that love hot weather. You can experiment each season until you find combinations that suit you, your garden, and your climate.
Since all of these plants are annuals or frost-sensitive perennials, no zone information is given. Some of these plants perform better in certain conditions, however, so check under “Can’t Tolerate” for specific dislikes. All need full sun to flower well. Keep in mind that some of these plants can be aggressive self-sowers or may be listed as invasive in warmer regions. Check with your local Cooperative Extension office or the USDA Web site for a list of plants that are invasive in your area.
Photo: Leonora (Ellie) Enking
Amaranthus (amaranth)
Height: 18 inches to 6 feet, varies with species.
Color: Red, orange, gold, green, purple.
Notes: Resents transplanting. Direct-seed.
Can’t Tolerate: Wet soil; shade.
Wheat Celosia
Photo: Mike Sutton
Celosia spicata (wheat celosia)
Height: 2 to 4 feet, varies with cultivar.
Color: Red, pink, purple.
Notes: Good cut flower, fresh or dried.
Can’t Tolerate: Cold soil; cold water.

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