Top 17 Climbing Vegetables You Can Grow In Containers

Top 17 Climbing Vegetables You Can Grow In Containers

When I first found this article I wondered if there really were as many as seventeen climbing vegetables since I could only think of half that number. It turns out that several are exotic species that are unlikely to be grown locally and others such as nasturtiums can hardly be described as vegetables. However it is an interesting list which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site.

Take a look at this informative list of best climbing and vining vegetable for containers. These vegetables are productive and take your vertical space to grow!

1. Nasturtium

Climbing Nasturtium 2
Edible and ornamental, Nasturtiums are known for their tasty, color-saturated flowers and vibrant shield-shaped leaves that have a pleasant peppery and a mustard-like flavor. Good for salad decoration, nasturtium is easy to grow in containers. Nasturtiums spread and develop at a rapid pace once planted and start flowering within four to six weeks.

2. Tomatoes

tomato plant
Anyone with a green thumb will tell you how rewarding it is to toss slices of fresh, home-grown tomatoes in a plate of salad or to eat it any other way. There are many varieties of tomatoes that follow vinelike growing habit. We posted a great list of tomato varieties for containers, so look at it to decide!

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