Top 15 Houseplants That Are Safe For Pets

Top 15 Houseplants That Are Safe For Pets

Many of our favorite houseplants are poisonous if eaten and are a particular danger for children and pets. So if you own a cat or dog this post should be of interest. Provided you select your houseplants from this list of fifteen pet friendly specimens you will know that you will not have a problem. This information comes from an article by Amy Andrychowicz which I found on the Savvy Gardening website.

As pet owners we take great care in making sure our pets are healthy and safe, but sometimes danger can come from unexpected places. When I first started growing?plants indoors, it never crossed my mind that?I could be growing?poisonous plants. The thought of having toxic?plants in the?house without even realizing it?is very scary. That?s why I wanted to put together a?list of common pet friendly house plants that you can grow without worry.
I love growing plants indoors, and I have a large collection of house plants. I also have two cats, including one very curious little lady who loves my plants as much as I do (maybe more!). So, it?s a huge relief feeling confident that?the plants I?m growing in my house won?t harm my cats. Although, that doesn?t protect my plants from the danger of?having?cats.

Broken houseplant pot

Broken house plant pot (by my kitten!)

I get a lot of questions from readers about which types of plants are safe to grow around pets. I?ve even had a few people as me ?What house plants are safe for my cat to eat?? Welllll?.. let me just start by saying I wouldn?t recommend that?you allow your cat (or dog) to eat any of your house plants. Even non-toxic plants can give your pet an upset stomach and cause vomiting if they eat too much of it. But rest assured, there are plenty of pet friendly house plants that won?t harm your furry friend if they do decide to take a bite.

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