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Top 15 Fruit And Vegetables For A Vertical Garden

Top 15 Fruit And Vegetables For A Vertical Garden

For people who have a small garden and lack the space to grow as many vegetables as they would like the advice they are always given is to think about growing vertically. Make use of a wall or fence to provide the extra space. There are many suggested designs such as the one shown above, but usually they involve fitting various types of containers which then have to be filled with soil. The alternative approach suggested in the article quoted below involves using vining fruit and vegetables that just require support rather than a separate container. Anna Burke explains which crops you can grow in this way in her article which I found over on Dave’s Garden website.

Looking to save space in your garden? These vines make vertical gardening easy.
Sure, vertical gardening saves a lot of space, but trying to construct a vertical garden capable of supporting multiple tiers of vegetables is tricky. That is why I decided to start growing vining fruit and vegetables. These plants are easy to train to a trellis and have no problem with a vertical climb, helping me save space and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Why Choose Vining Varieties?

Vertical gardens use garden space efficiently and help you grow more food per square foot. The downside is that building a vertical garden sturdy enough to support all of your vegetables requires construction skills and supplies, which not all gardeners possess in abundance, not to mention the physical strength necessary to build and add soil to your frame.
Vining fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, are easy to trellis. This means that you can put vegetables like carrots and lettuce at the bottom of your vertical garden and vining varieties closer to the top, saving you the effort of lifting heavy bags of soil and building a heavy duty frame.

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