If you are someone who has trouble keeping houseplants alive then you should try growing some of the succulents described below. While succulents are easy to grow and low maintenance they are also attractive plants in their own right. And there are a great variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the mini hens-and-chicks to the tall ponytail palm. These fourteen succulents are described together with care tips in an article which I found on the Balcony Garden Web site.

Unique looking succulents can make your rooms look better, also, they are low-maintenance and easiest plants to grow. Check out the 14 best indoor succulents for your home!

Are you looking for the one ingredient that?s capable of making any room look much better? The answer is indoor plants. After the failure of faux plants, indoor houseplants are back in fashion, and why not. A splatter of healthy greenery in your room can make it feel instantly welcoming and fresh. Another good reason to plant indoor plants is they purify air and in turn create a healthier living place.

Now face it, not all houseplants are easy to grow, especially for beginners. However, succulents, when grown as houseplants, adjust well to indoor conditions and are easiest to grow. And that?s why we?ve made a selection of succulents that are popular and easiest to grow.

1. Burro?s Tail (Sedum morganianum)

A native of Mexico, Burro?s tail is best planted in hanging baskets due to its fat trailing stems. Its beautiful gray-blue or gray-green leaves can grow up to 2 feet long. This plant does best when kept in a spot that receives bright sun.

Growing Tips

  • Let the soil dry out between watering spells, and ensure that soil is kept on a?dry side in times of winter dormancy, especially, if you?re growing it in a cool-temperate zone.
  • Fertilize the plant once in summer using a 10:10:10 fertilizer or any cactus fertilizer.
  • Leaves will fall off with the slightest of touches, so it is important the plant is placed where there will be a?minimal disturbance.
  • If you have to move it outside for the summer sun, ensure it will acclimate well before keeping it in a full sun.

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