Top 14 Red Flowers For Hummingbirds

Top 14 Red Flowers For Hummingbirds

While not all of the flowers on this list are hummingbird magnets many are and they are all red. So if red is your favorite color you will find something to suit all locations. From the Red Kangaroo Paw, the red flowers of the Indian Pink to the bright red Knockout Rose these colorful blooms will make a splash in any situation. This list has been compiled by Annie Thornton and comes from the Houzz website.

With their tubular shape and vivid hues, these red flowers will draw you and your winged friends into the garden for a closer look. Besides having rich colors, ranging in shades from burgundy to rose, most of these red flowers are also hummingbird magnets. Whether you?re gardening in California or Connecticut, there?s a red flower here for you.

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